Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 22nd

This morning we enjoyed a continental breakfast before heading off to the Cairns Marina for a Great Barrier Reef Cruise.  Our cruise ship was called Reef Magic and can normally hold up to around 270 people, but due to the rain there was only about 70 passengers. We got lucky and had plenty of room on the boat to move around and it was to our advantage later the day as well. The cruise took us 55 kilometers or 34 miles out to the Great Barrier Reef where we anchored to Marine World pontoon. The hour and half boat ride seemed longer for some than others because the water was quite rough with the wind today. 

The students are ready to board the cruise boat.

The Reef Magic cruise boat took us out to the reef and back.

Once we got out to the reef we docked and were able to start our activities. Julie decided to rent an underwater camera for the students to take pictures while snorkeling. This was enjoyed by all, except when the salt water got in our snorkels. All the students snorkeled including Julie! Paige, Cara, Angel, Ben, and Ethan chose to also do an introductory scuba dive. They all loved it and say it’s one of the coolest things they’ve ever done. Most students spent all their time in the water looking at the reef and marine life. For those who didn’t want to be in the water after dinner there was boat tours around the reef. One boat was semi-submersible and one was a glass bottom. Tour guides pointed out different marine life and parts of the reef to us. They said that the reef contains more forms of life than the Amazon Rainforest. Even whales, sharks, and barracudas come up to the reef for cleaning by the fish there.

The Marine World, a pontoon, that we anchored to at the reef.

Kyle and Ben having fun after lunch on the pontoon.

A bunch of the students posing before going snorkeling.

The friendly blue fish the crew members call Wally.

View of the drop of at the edge of the reef.

After a long day on the reef the boat cruised back to shore and we enjoyed supper around our hotel in Cairns. The students were all pretty tired after a fun day on the water.

Shots the students took while snorkeling. {Next 4 pics}

The students snorkeling with Wally close by.{Next 2 pics}

A shark spotted in the distance.  

Some of the fish species the students captured pictures of. {Next 3 pics}

Macey and Bailey snorkeling.

Jessica, Paige, and Cara snorkeling.

The students enjoyed swimming with the turtles.

The semi-submersible boat tour around the reef.

Marilyn and Jessica

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